I’m Amy, a lifestyle and portrait photographer.

I’m a mom of three kids who pursued my passion and love for photography in order to have photographs that reflected the way I saw my own kids in real life. I wanted pictures that evoked emotion and illustrated the love felt, the laughter shared and the precious details of childhood.

I strive to do the same for my clients and to show them through their images what their love looks like. I hope my clients come away with priceless heirlooms that capture the most beautiful chapters and memories in their lives.


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I always thought I'd work in sports. I grew up in Kansas City and my dream job was to one day be PR Director for the Chiefs. After working for the OU athletic department through college, I instead ended up in the corporate world for many years before becoming a mom and photographer. I'm a lifelong, diehard Sooners, Royals and Chiefs fan.


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I fell into my photography business accidentally and authentically. I always took pictures of my kids as well as of my friends' kids and was eventually asked if people could hire me to take their family's pictures. I officially launched my business in 2009 when I had three young kids and my husband was commuting out of state for work.


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My favorite subjects to photograph have evolved through the years depending on the stage of life in which I'm in. The best part of any session though is the connection with the subject, whether it's a high school senior, a new mom, a precocious toddler, a couple in love or a place I'm traveling.

2848 East 15th Street | Tulsa, Oklahoma


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